Tuesday, January 08, 2008

my friends

good morning band members,

im a little ADD this morning and have a great story. you're buddy and mine, Craig Langslet broke the 007 record set earlier last year by Andrew Pratt. In an impressive feat, he pounded 15 007s and two Irish car bombs in 6 hours (approximately 1 and 1/2 NFL football games), shattering the earlier record of 12. Congratulations.

Andrew Pratt, who tried to keep up and break his own record was sent home after the giants' victory by Karianna Langslet. By his own account, he vomited all over his own bathroom, which karianna had to clean up, and went to bed by 6 pm. Way to go Andrew! I hear apple juice helps, but not if you throw it up.

After Andrew's ejection, Craig pushed on. But he not alone, he was accompanied by Hamlet Caminero, Robert Messinger, Heather Messinger, Ryan Foley and Steve Roach. Craig and Hamlet continued to drink until both blacked out by 7 pm yesterday. These two are the real champions and have retired, both siting injured livers as reasons for not participating in next weeks playoffs. Ryan Foley kept pace stacking up White Russians and miller lites with Steve Roach - total of 8 White Russians and 2 miller lites a piece.

Robert and Heather also earned an honorable mention. The Messingers tallied 4 kettle rocks (doubles), and 12 007s.

If God was American, he would live for Sundays in Hoboken.