Thursday, March 05, 2009

i'm moving

hey everyone, i'm moving from hells kitchen to nolita... oh la la, how trendy... no really, i'm moving to Elizabeth street.... if you need to get in touch via mail, here's the address, 265 Elizabeth street apt 2 ny ny 10012.

in other news, thanks to gary and carol fey who totally hooked it up in steamboat, i've included a photo from the slopeside bar right the mountain... i love that place... in the picture is jrod fey, carol and gary fey, tj rose, tina schirmang, cam, caitlyn fey and me down in front.... what what... let's get weird and live the dream

listen to mixtape... das good

hey y'all, have you heard about the new indie band mixtape? they're awesome. i've only had the chance to see them once but they're definitely a quality band led by pianist craig hartley.... they've been putting on a lot of shows recently in nyc and new haven... i suggest you check them out

Friday, February 06, 2009

i've been away for far too long

hi everyone, sorry for the graphic picture... that's my friend ryan naumann, and he's done a pretty good job timing himself... its pretty rad. anyhow, check out ryan's cartoons at