Friday, May 04, 2007

Urban Legend, maybe not.

So my friend told me this story during a training session. Apparently it happened to his buddy last year.

Here's how it goes. Some thursday night about a year ago in the city, a guy meets some girl at a bar downtown and they hit it off. Aparently they hit it off so well that she goes home with him to spend the night.

Early the next morning, our buddy wakes up and leaves by 6 am as he has a job in finance and needs to be at work on the early side. He tells his new ladyfriend to stay, make herself at home, do whatever she needs to do, just lock the door behind her when she leaves.

Great, she thinks to herself and rolls over and goes back to sleep.

An hour or so later, the girl wakes up and realizes she has to take a #2. Being alone in the apartment she goes for it. When she is through with her 2, she flushes it but the toilet doesn't flush.

Oh $hit, she thinks outloud, I can't leave a turd in this guys toilet. That's disgusting. To top it off, she actually likes the guy and doesnt want him to think she is a degenerate slob.

To remedy the situation she starts to think of options to get the turd out of the toilet and realizes the best idea is to doggy bag it. You know what I am talking about as we have all had to pick up a dog turd and put a plastic bag over our hand to do so.

Situation solved. She takes a shower, cleans up, gets dressed, writes him a nice note, leaves her phone number and is out the door by 8:30. As the door closes behind her she realizes that she left her bag of human excrement next to the note she left on the table.

Urban legend or real?

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