Thursday, June 21, 2007

eye contact and women

When should you make your move

When should you approach her?

There is a very specific moment that lasts for only a few minutes that determines whether you will be able to pick her up or not. You should make your move on the third eye-contact you two make.

No more. No less.

Anything before that will be premature:

0 eye contacts made: "Let me check you out while you introduce yourself, buster."

1 eye contact made: "I have checked you out and am forming an opinion about you."

2 eye contacts made: "I am considering you as potential playmate"

This is when you move in:

3 eye contacts made: "I am inviting you to come over and talk to me, act on it now!"

Anything after that will make you look less confident:

4 eye contacts made: "I am wondering why you didn't respond to her invitation, do you not like her?"

5 eye contacts made: "Are you keeping me as your back up plan?"

6 eye contacts made: "If you are shy, you are not worth my time."

7 eye contacts made: "Are you slow or what? Geez"

8 eye contacts made: "What a looser! We are all talking about you at our table."

9 eye contacts made: "Ha! And to think I was going to give it to him tonight…"

Yes, it takes guts to be able to react to the third time she checks you out.

But if you do go there and introduce yourself, you will find that talking to her and seducing her will be a lot easier than any other time. This is the moment when she is most receptive to you.

Your only effort will be to walk up to her, everything else will work out as planned.

If, you wait till the sixth eye contact, you will have to spend some time convincing her that you are the lover she has been looking for...not an easy task.

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